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Sweet retriever mix, shot in the leg at near point-blank range, needs donations

Boomer needs help to cover medical expenses after gunshot wound to leg
Boomer needs help to cover medical expenses after gunshot wound to leg
Facebook: Abby's Animal Angels

An upstate dog needs help to cover medical bills after being shot, Abby's Animal Angels reported April 16 on their Facebook page.

Boomer, known as Fringe at Greenville County Animal Care Services, is a retriever mix. Greenville is known as a high-kill shelter, where even healthy dogs are at risk of euthanasia. Unfortunately, Boomer has a nasty gunshot wound to his front leg, believed to have been inflicted at near point blank range.

This sweet dog, who must be in serious pain, still craves human companionship, and loves on everyone he meets.

Abby's Animal Angels has stepped up to save Boomer, and is now in charge of his care. They need your help to cover the expensive veterinary costs needed to save his life and get him ready for a forever home.

Boomer's leg has already been x-rayed and is fractured. He will need a more thorough examination to decide whether pins will be needed or whether a cast will be enough to allow the leg to heal.

Since Boomer has suffered one gunshot wound, x-rays will be taken to be sure he hasn't been shot in the past. Boomer also needs to be neutered.

On Thursday Boomer will be rescued from the shelter by Abby's Animal Angels, where he'll be taken to the vet for treatment. Luckily he has tested negative for heartworms.

An update will be made available as soon as Boomer sees the vet. The rescue will also be talking to Greenville County Animal Control to determine whether anyone knows where Boomer was when he was shot and whether criminal charges can be filed against that person.

Until then, please support Boomer by donating at his GoFundMe webpage. Abby's Animal Angels is one of many rescues in the Greenville area who are known for taking the hardest of cases, including the victims of cowardly and cruel animal abusers who are demented enough to inflict this type of injury.

Please share Boomer's story with friends who care about animal cruelty. It has been an uphill battle to stem the flow of violence toward animals in upstate South Carolina.

It would mean so much for the rescue to be able to focus on getting Boomer healthy enough to go to a forever home, instead of having to worry about medical bills for this sweet dog.

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