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Sweet popcorn recipes: Super Bowl game Day treats

Getting ready for the big game is more than digging out your jersey. It means planning the perfect game day party! Game day foods should be quick and easy to grab. Because who wants to take their eyes off the TV? Don’t count on grabbing food during commercials; those can be the best part!

Popcorn is a good Super Bowl game day snack. Try one of these sweet popcorn recipes and make it your dessert. After the wings, pizza, and dips, these dessert-like popcorns will be a real treat. Instead of fighting over the game, your guests could be fighting over the last handful.

Biscoff cookie popcorn: If you love biscoff cookies, you will love this popcorn is coated in biscoff spread and white chocolate. To top it off, there’s biscoff cookies mixed in.

Puppy chow popcorn: Puppy chow is always a hit at parties. After eating snack foods all day you might not have room for a bowl of puppy chow. But you will have room for puppy chow popcorn! This popcorn is everything puppy chow is, just in popcorn form.

Cake batter popcorn: Everybody loves licking beaters covered in uncooked cake batter. Instead of passing around a bowl of batter, pass around cake batter popcorn. Prepare to become addicted!

Twix popcorn: Caramel corn is good on its own. Add chocolate and candy bars and you have one heavenly game day treat.

Cookies and cream popcorn: This three ingredient recipe is a great go to for the Super Bowl. There will be no need to stress with this easy recipe.

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