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Sweet pitty Earl saved, but now needs a home - Seneca, SC

Isn't Earl handsome? Wouldn't you love to have him as your best friend?
Isn't Earl handsome? Wouldn't you love to have him as your best friend?
Zenovia D'Elena

On May 2nd, Shelley Smith had to take a beautiful brindled pit bull named Earl to the Oconee County Animal Shelter. (See original article here - Zenovia D'Elena, a friend of Shelley's, knew about Earl, and the more she thought about him, the more she realized that she had to save his life.

Gorgeous Earl, sweet pit bull
Zenovia D'Elena

So on May 9th, the day that Earl was released from hold and could be euthanized if someone didn't pull him for rescue, Zenovia went down to the shelter and rescued him. From there, she took him directly to her veterinarian to have him completely vetted, including neutering.

Now Earl is being boarded at a kennel until he finds his forever home. Zenovia goes by and sees him almost every day. She takes him out, she plays with him, works with him on obedience training, walks him, and of course she kisses him, hugs him, tells him she loves him, and lets him know that he is valuable and important.

But when Zen leaves Earl at the kennel, he looks so sad and lonely. He doesn't understand why she can't take him home and keep him forever the way he wants.

Earl is a great dog. He's friendly, smart, loves to play, loves to ride in a car, and is well-behaved. He's happy, well-adjusted, and would make a great dog for a person or family who is active and enjoys the outdoors. He's make a great running companion.

Earl's one drawback is that he just doesn't like other dogs. He's a people dog. He's been tested and experts have determined that even with additional exposure, it would not be good for Earl to live in a home with other dogs.

Unfortunately Zen has a number of dogs herself, which is why Earl is in a boarding kennel.

Here's what Zenovia has to say about Earl:

"Earl is so eager to please and listen, He adores people! They all love him at the vets office, they say he loves on everyone and gives kisses. He is not a fan of other big dogs, but he does not go after them, he just grumbles to warn them to stay away. He is not a big barker, unless he needs to be. Other dogs barking doesn't seem to phase him. Earl is most definitely a human loving boy!"

A little more: "A 1 year old American Bully Boy and What a Lover!

He is happy because he has moved from a close call with death, to a tiny hospital kennel after his neuter and now into the boarding kennel runs... he has a little more room to breath! YEAH for Earl!

Earl has gotten a clean bill of health, he is 58lbs now and could probably put on another 5-10lbs as he builds muscle with a healthy, consistent diet & exercise!

Earl has been neutered, micro chipped, has all vaccines, rabies and is HW Negative! Woohoo... Lucky for Earl!!! He is on Heartgard HW prevention and Advantix Plus flea & tick prevention. He is all prettied up and will be able to go running, hiking, swimming and play ball & rope tug after he is fully healed. He is almost finished with his antibiotics and is anxious to meet & greet and make some new friends! Earl will be doing interviews for prospective life partners effective immediately and he has asked me to take the initial calls & contact info...I do as I am told.

Earl does not have much use for other dogs, he doesn't care to play with them... he is obsessed with humans, he adores them even though not all humans have treated him so kindly, he still believes in us and he knows the right match for him is out there. He would be best suited as a single companion dog, someone looking for a constant companion, a close buddy... Earl would make a great running or walking partner. He walks very nicely on a leash, he loves car riding and is comfortably relaxed in the car. He rode shot gun and was a very good rider. He knows basic commands like stay, come, down, etc... We are working on No Jump ups, I think he is just excited to be getting attention and out of the kennel, after he has been out a while he doesn't try to jump up.

I really enjoy my time spent with Earl and I miss him when we're apart. He is a heart breaker; you can't deny his adorable charm. It would be great to get a single dog foster ASAP and get Earl out of boarding. He deserves the good life now, he has endured enough hard times."

If you are interested in Earl and would like to talk to Zenovia about him, she can be reached at 864-385-5812. If you would like more info on Earl or to keep up with Earl's life on his way to freedom and a new forever home, you can contact Zenovia D'Elena on Facebook at

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