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Sweet kittens in sick hold at GCACS with conjunctivitis need rescue

Troops 1-4 need rescue from Greenville, SC shelter
Troops 1-4 need rescue from Greenville, SC shelterFacebook: Greenville County Pet Rescue

Four sweet little kittens need out of the Greenville, South Carolina shelter by Friday evening at 7 p.m., Facebook: Greenville County Pet Rescue reported April 24.

The Troops 1-4, as they've been named by shelter staff, have a mild case of conjunctivitis. This condition is easily treated, and the kittens will heal much quicker in a home environment, as apposed to sitting in a cage listening to barking dogs 24/7.

They haven't been given an ID number for identification, but it's likely the shelter volunteers and staff who answer emails will remember this precious family.

The Troops are listed as 'rescue only', meaning only a rescue approved by GCACS can take them. Please contact if you can help, and be sure to share this article with friends in the rescue community.

You can follow The Troops on this Facebook thread.