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Sweet Jack Russell terrier, found 15 miles from where he went missing, is home

"You're in big trouble, mister"
"You're in big trouble, mister"
Facebook: Becky Seeley Limbaugh

The sweet little Jack Russell terrier who escaped his yard on January 30, 2014 is back at home, owner Becky Seeley Limbaugh reported on her Facebook page February 8.

This Examiner article told of Murphy's escape.

Murphy returned home yesterday after being found about 15 miles from home. He was rescued in the snow by a Good Samaritan this past Thursday. The man who saved him wrapped him in a blanket and placed him in his warm work truck. This kind man took Murphy home, where he and his wife cared for the lost little dog.

A day or so later, the wife saw one of the lost dog signs or an online post and called Becky about her missing dog. After about 50 calls about the wrong dog, Becky realized her dog was safe. On her Facebook page, Becky posted five words to Murphy, saying

"You're in big trouble, mister."

Becky is very happy to have Murphy home safe, despite the trouble he's in. Word has it she hugged him so hard he growled.

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