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Sweet injured pit bull in upstate SC needs immediate rescue or loving home

This sweet pit in upstate SC needs immediate rescue or loving home
This sweet pit in upstate SC needs immediate rescue or loving home
Facebook: The Community Pet Project

This sweet dog is in need of immediate rescue, The Community Pet Project reported January 25 on their Facebook page.

Paige Long, a resident in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, was kind enough to take this sweet stray in when he showed up outside her home two nights ago. It was eight degrees outside, and the dog was cold and injured.

Paige described this poor soul saying

"He is beyond sweet. He will come up and just lay in your lap. He is very kind to people. My neighbors have 4 dogs - 3 are small and one is a big dog and the stray hasn't even bothered them."

The dog shows signs of abuse, with scars on his head and sores all over his body. One of his eyes is swollen shut and red with scratches around it. His previous owner also failed to have him neutered.

Paige called Greenville County Animal Care Services, but no one has come looking for him. From the physical abuse he's endured, it would be best for his owner to never have the opportunity to hurt him again.

Paige has spent the day trying to find a foster home, or rescue or a forever home for this pibble. She regrets she can't adopt him, but she has five dogs and doesn't have room for another. But she wants to do right by him, and is asking for anyone who can help to contact her by phone at (864)787-2415 or email at

Please share this article with friends in upstate South Carolina, especially those involved in bully breed rescue. This boy deserves a loving, forever home.

You can keep up with his story by following The Community Pet Project Facebook thread.

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