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'Sweet Hustler' lived life on a chain - now he is on the list to die this week

Saving Barrow Pets FB Page

Update 7/16/15: Hustler has been adopted! Saving Barrow County Animal Control Pets wrote the following...

FINALLY an update on Hustler!!! He was adopted by a very kind lady in Maine named Tanya. He went yesterday for his basic shelter vetting which normally should be $100 but turned out to be $400!! Hustler is heartworm positive and has a heart murmur. His temp foster/boarder, Laurie, says he is the sweetest boy and is quietly enjoying his soft bed and some TLC. Normally i only collect pledges for Rescues but this is a special situation and Tanya could use the donations...along with the $400 vet bill, Hustler has 3 weeks of boarding (discounted to $15/night), transport $125 and more vet bills to treat the heartworms/heart murmur. So I am asking all of you who have been sharing and praying for this old guy to please consider a small donation which will help get Hustler up to Maine for the rest of his trmt and into a loving home that he so very much deserves!! paypal to address

"Doc," aka "Hustler," is a middle-aged pit bull who has managed to maintain a sweet disposition, despite a hard life.

The six to eight-year-old dog lived his life on the end of a chain prior to arriving to the Barrow County Animal Control Shelter in Winder, Ga. Hustler's body shows evidence of his tough life...he had abscesses which have since been treated and are in the process of healing, but the scars remain.

A shelter volunteer noted that Hustler does not know much more than how to give (and receive) love - he has not been taught the basic obedience commands that many dogs his age know, but perhaps, if given the chance, he would pick them up.

According to the Saving Barrow Animal Control Pets Facebook page, Hustler is scheduled to be put down this Wednesday if a rescue or adopter is not found. Losing this sweet boy, after a less-than-stellar life, would be tragic.

Please take a moment to network Hustler's information - he deserves the opportunity to know what it means to be a beloved companion, instead of a yard ornament.

  • "Doc" AKA "Hustler" ID#2014-06-063 Male PitX 6-8yrs
  • friendly
  • Barrow County Animal Control Shelter
  • 616 Barrow Park Drive Winder, GA 30680
  • Department Contacts: (770) 307-3012 Phone (they will not return long distance calls)
  • (770) 867-1660 Fax
  • Kimberly Perez –
  • Facebook thread (including video of Hustler) at this link
  • Please direct all inquiries to the animal control facility

Shelter Hours:
The shelter is OPEN to the public
8am to 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
1pm-5pm Wednesdays
OPEN 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the Month 9 a.m. - noon
CLOSED to the public on:
Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays

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