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'Sweet Home Alabama' finale: Who did Kelsey pick and are they still dating?

Collin Varallo
Collin Varallo
cmt with permission

"Sweet Home Alabama" aired the season four finale tonight and Kelsey Smith has picked her guy. On this Jan. 10 episode, fans wanted to know who she picked and if they are still together. Keep reading for the latest on this show.

At the end of the show tonight, Kelsey Smith told Collin Varillo that he was the one for her. She wants to stay in Alabama with her man. They have both agreed that they are falling in love with each other. The show did not end with a proposal, but he did tell her that he has been looking at rings and thinks that is something they should pick out together.

The big question is if they are still together and Examiner can confirm that they are still going strong. On Jan. 8, Kelsey went to Facebook and said that she can't wait to be out in public with her guy. That means that Kelsey and Collin are still together and want to be out in public.

Are you shocked about her pick tonight? Do you think that Kelsey and Collin can make it work in the real world? Sound off in the comments below.