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Sweet Endeavours puts an upscale twist on Valentine's Day chocolate

The "His" Collection
The "His" Collection

Purchasing a box of chocolates as a gift for Valentine’s Day is simple to do and usually requires little advance planning. This year, you can show your significant other that you care enough to send a memorable gift with a unique box of chocolates from Sweet Endeavours.

The famous online chocolate retailer with a new brick-and-mortar presence (1101 Tower Road; Schaumburg; 224-653-2700) is sure to deliver excitement and joy with their eye-catching creations from decadent, all-natural ingredients. Rieko Wada, owner and graduate of the French Pastry School, is featuring the “His and Hers” Chocolate Collection for Valentine’s Day 2010.

The His Collection ($55) includes caramel “shots” (liqueur-flavored caramel in a dark chocolate shell), an assortment of solid dark chocolate bars that are individually flavored with bacon, bleu cheese and scotch, and caramelized almonds dipped in dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder.

The Hers Collection ($80) is a three-tier box. Tier 1 includes cheesecake, tiramisu, banana cream and opera cake. Tier 2 contains guimave (French-style marshmallows) with a caramel layer, dipped in dark chocolate with orange zest. Tier 3 completes the collection with assorted dried fruits (persimmon, pear, apple and apricot) dipped in dark chocolate. Both the His and Hers Collections can be purchased with a bottle of Marylin Monroe estate red wine, Wada explains.

For a non-traditional gift, other Sweet Endeavours favorites include edible chocolate shoes, jewelry and even handbags. At an arm’s length, you cannot tell that the items are made of chocolate! As Wada jokingly states, “If you wear a size 6, you could possibly fit into a pair of these shoes. However, we don’t recommend walking around in them.”

Sweet Endeavours also featured their Diamond Collection at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY® Awards, inside of the gift baskets for all the presenting and performing musicians. The Diamond Collection is part of the “Chocouture” line, where chocolate meets couture fashion.

These rich chocolate pieces are adorned with a single sugar “diamond” in the center. The Diamond Collection includes “White Gold” (with champagne), “24K Gold” (with scotch) and “Rose Gold” (with Grand Marnier®). Both the White Gold and Rose Gold Diamond Collections are hand-painted and the 24K Gold Diamond Collection is decorated with 24K gold leaves.

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