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Sweet dog saved by Corridor Rescue after she was found wandering down Texas road

Corridor Rescue needs help with Olivia's vet bills
Corridor Rescue needs help with Olivia's vet bills
Facebook: Corridor Rescue

This sweet dog is in need of medical care and a foster home in the Houston area, Corridor Rescue reported March 9.

'Olivia' was rescued by a Corridor volunteer in Houston, Texas after she was found wandering down the middle of the road. With eyes closed and in horrific pain, she continued to walk. Cars coming in her direction apparently didn't see Olivia, but thankfully she was able to jump out of the way just in time.

The volunteer leaped out of her car carrying dog food for Olivia, who came over to sniff out the treat. She was lifted up into the car and taken to a vet to begin treatment.

Olivia has a lot of obstacles to overcome. She's heartworm positive, which is expected in cases of severe neglect. She also has a skin infection and sarcoptic mange, and a related infection in both eyes. She's emaciated and anemic.

When she is well enough and gains some weight, Olivia will begin heartworm treatment. Right now she's on antibiotics and medication for the mange.

Most of Olivia's days in the near future will be filled with good food, good medicine, good sleep and lots of love. Since her vet visit two days ago, Olivia has spend a lot of her time sleeping and trying to get comfortable.

The help this poor girl needs will cost money. Olivia is being treated at Sunset Boulevard Animal Clinic, where donations can be called in at 713-526-5881.

Corridor Rescue is a 501c3 organization, meaning donations made to them are tax deductible. You can donate directly to them via their website by clicking here.

Please share Olivia's story, so money can be raised to turn her into a healthy, happy dog. Perhaps for the first time in her life. If you or someone you know is interested in fostering Olivia, you can contact Corridor via Facebook.

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