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Sweet dog covered in oil, fleas and scratches needs a hero in South Los Angeles

Linny, found wandering the streets in Lynwood, needs help
Facebook: Cloud Nyne

This sweet boy was found wandering the streets, and Cloud Nyne (AKA Claudia Perez), well known in the rescue of South Los Angeles animals, took him home with her.

In a Facebook post March 25, Claudia has made her request for what's needed to save this boy.

This homeless dog was found wandering the streets in the city of Lynwood. To make matters easier, Claudia and I have agreed to name him Lenny, since he was found in Lynwood.

Many of you are familiar with the work Claudia does in the homeless community of south Los Angeles. I write about her often, as the upstate does similar work with the homeless of Greenville. Anything I can do to help a fellow rescuer, I'll do.

Claudia checked, and was unable to see any homeless person around to claim this lost soul. Linny seems to be a sweet guy with a broken sad look on his face. He's covered in oil, infested with fleas, and has several small scratches. Lenny is in desperate need of a bath and some basic vetting to ensure he'll have a long and happy life.

Lenny reminds Claudia of Tank and Della, gentle giants that have been abused and neglected their whole lives. Although saddened by his condition, Claudia knows with a little love, and someone to step up in the form of a rescue, foster or adopter, Linny can turn his life around.

Will you be Lenny's hero? If you can rescue, foster or adopt, please contact Claudia on her cell phone at (323)812-9836, or by email You can keep up with this sweet boy on his Facebook thread.

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