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Sweet and well-behaved dog surrendered to New York shelter: Owners say 'no time'

Cee Cee's surrender notes at the high kill Manhattan's New York City Animal Care and Control describe her as a two-year-old female black and white pit bull mix. On August 7, her family surrendered her to the shelter; no one has really figured out any reason. Who says, "no time" to a dog who has been part of the family?

CeeCee was another surrender case; her owners said they had "no time."
Antonio Adamos

Let's begin with CeeCee's information sheet as filled out by her owner: (edited for spelling)


PEOPLE- Lives with adults and lives with children Does she get along with children? Yes, she loves the baby. Licks his face and lays with him.

Does she get along with strangers? Ceecee is unsure of some men and people are scared of her. Has she ever bitten anyone? No

OTHER ANIMALS-Has lived with cats How did they get along? She lays and cuddles with the cat. Can you describe her behavior around animals she doesn’t live with? She barks at all the dogs she sees.

PERSONALITY-Loves to play, is very active

HABITS-Eats dry food Eats 3x/day

TRAINING-Knows “sit” Pulls leash. Is housebroken

According to CeeCee's assessment at the shelter, "Ceecee did not show any concern during the behavior assessment. The behavior department feels that she can go to an 'Average' home."

And if CeeCee could speak, through the words of a volunteer who personally met this beautiful dog, she would say the following:

"No one really told me why I'm no longer with them; they took good care of me - my coat is nice and shiny, they fed me good food, and they only have nice things to say about me. The nice volunteer lady took me for a walk, and I showed off my house training skills, and I only pulled on the leash a little bit. She was trying to take some pictures of me, but I'm still not certain about anything, so I didn't really pose for her. I liked to lean against her legs for petting, and she gave me treats."

Follow CeeCee's Facebook thread as advocates and volunteers try to help find this beautiful dog a home. Please refer to Identification#A1009698.

Additional information is available by clicking here.

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