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Sweeping our national sins under the rug

When a man robs his fellow of a decent day's wages, he hopes nobody will notice and if they complain, he will blame them rather than his own greed. When a political party fails, as they all surely will, rather than take the blame they will duck and run because they know that the public is unforgiving. When a politician fails, as they all surely will, rather than admit that this is to be expected, because we are all faulty human beings, we will attack mercilessly because we too need someone else to blame other than our common human weaknesses.

When we commit war crimes, rather than face our national sins, we point the finger at the enemy. They are the ones who commit war crimes and surely not us. When Democrats expose the greed of America's wealthy, we deflect the criticism by calling them socialists. When Republicans expose the selfishness of abortion, we deflect the criticism by calling it a woman's right over her own body, ignoring the expendable and inconvenient body of a million innocent children. When the poor and oppressed cry out for mercy and healthcare, we ignore their plight and sweep it under the rug pretending they are all either drug addicts or lazy.

When the Euro outpaces the dollar in value, when it was once worth exactly a dollar, we pretend that Europe is socialist and has failed and America is capitalist and has succeeded. When Europeans are 100% covered in health care and we are not, we brush aside the greed of our medical, insurance and pharmaceutical industries and pretend that we cannot afford it. When dozens of countries have gun control and have not been taken over by Nazis, we pretend that only Hitler enacted gun control and not also decent and safe countries.

When congress fails to govern for the people, but for political gain and power, we pretend that it's all the President's fault. When political leaders fail to legislate so that the poor have an equal voice to the rich, we pretend that they really do have all the peoples' interests at heart. When companies that pollute our environment and poison our food for gain complain that there is too much legislation, they blame congress and not themselves.

When we proclaim on July 4th that ours is government of the people, by the people, for the people, we are so deluded as to believe this is still the case, when the reality is that ours is government of the people, by the rich, for the rich. We need a new America. We do not need a new America by destructive revolution. Such revolution hurts too many people. But, we do need a revolution of the heart. Only when Americans as a whole return to God and the Christian ideals which formed the original settlements and listen to the sermons which shaped the wording of the declaration of independence will we become a society that our original founders intended.

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