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Swedish pop duo Marching Band take America by storm

Marching Band releases third album
Marching Band releases third album

I have known Laura Goldfarb, the big kahuna at indie-based Red Boot Publicity for quite a few years and have learned one very important lesson - she knows indie music. Goldfarb is very particular about her clientele, and every act she represents is the real deal. Such is the case with one of her newest clients, Swedish pop duo Marching Band.

The group recently released their third studio album, So Much Imagine, in America, and instantly became favorites of such musical trendsetters as Rolling Stone and KCRW. Their music provides a fresh take on 80's/90's style pop with danceable beats that are instantly memorable.

The new CD contains 21 diverse tracks which supply something different for just about every listener. The harmonies are tight, the lyrics thoughtful and the arrangements create an atmosphere of tranquility and peace, making the listener feel like all is right in the world. Several of the songs (RHP, 180, Kananado) are short and sweet instrumentals that provide balance to the album.

“This album is as much ‘we’ as it gets,” says Marching Band. “It’s a really personal recording, showing the differences between the two of us as songwriters and how our opinions sometimes differ. The songs cover a broad spectrum of styles and emotions, and the lyrics are unfiltered versions of our private thoughts.”

Erik’s cousin, Henrik Sunbring, mixed So Much Imagine at his studio Helter Skelter in Stockholm, Sweden. “Henrik added a real family feel to the process,” says Marching Band. “He kept the sound clear and simple like we wanted it to be, while improving what we had already done.” For fans of guitar-driven, melodic indie-pop, especially those with a flair for retro-sounding music and unprocessed vocals, So Much Imagine is the perfect addition to their daily playlist.

The album reminds me of a mixture of the bands Tears for Fears and fun. It is upbeat, positive and catchy. My favorite tracks are Come Back, Young and Unafraid, The River Jordan, Put Your Foot Down (reminiscent of surf tunes from the 60's), Artistic Man, Shaved Hand (probably my favorite track), A Menace to Myself, A Single Place, and Die in My Arms.

The album is currently streaming on The Big Takeover, so don't miss the opportunity to check them out for yourself. Click on the link to listen. In addition, check out their music video for And I've Never Seen Anything Like That at

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