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Sweat your sodium out for improved health

drink water to rid of sodium too
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Of all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in food, there are none more sublimely harmful to your health than sodium. One of the best and healthiest ways to diminish your body's sodium is to sweat it out.

Excess sodium is the number one contributor to hypertension, or high blood pressure. Sodium has also been strongly linked to an increased risk of cancer.

More simple common symptoms associated with sodium are headaches and bloating. This can be attributed to dehydration.

Sure, you should drink more water (about a gallon a day) to keep your sodium levels balanced, but sweating is one of the surest ways to control and regulate it.

Sweating releases excess salt through your pores, thus contributes to a decrease in hypertension. Combined with water, it also balances out Ph levels.

The PH scale runs from a level 1-14, from alkaline to acidic, with 7 being neutral. Studies have revealed a human body that leans more alkaline consistently (meaning not high in sodium/acid balance) resists the chance of cancer.

With so many foods today filled with preservatives, especially salt, most people are unknowingly suffering the health consequences that go along with excess sodium intake.

The solution: sweat. Go out for a run, lift weights, and drink plenty of water.

-Greg Mickles

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