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Sweat-2-Grid Tech: Introducing Sports Art Fitness

There are many reasons one might resolve to not use their cardio workout machine this holiday season - complaining about a busy schedule, rationalizing that it is a waste of electricity, planning on simply reducing carb intake to name a few.

No more excuses...Time to exercise!
SportsArt Fitness

But what if the kinetic energy you exert during your workout could be harnessed in such a way that it could power a portion of your house? Would that sweeten the deal? SportsArt Fitness, creator of the new ECOFIT system, is paving the way in this Sweat-2-Grid technology!

Anita Miller, Senior Producer Manager for SportArt Fitness, describes the ECOFIT system further. “Power generated by human pedaling is sent to an inverter and then to the power grid of the building. The energy generated through the Green System products will reduce the building’s energy consumption and therefore reduce the cost. One inverter is capable of linking 10 Green System products and produces up to 2000 Watts of power.”

SportArt Fitness’ launch of the ECO-POWRT Treadmill five years ago offered club owners a treadmill that uses 32% less energy than the traditional alternative! Recently, SportsArt Fitness has expended their line to include Elliptical, Recumbent Cycle and Upright Cycle options.

For more information on the SportArt Fitness S-2-G systems - click here


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