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Swayy continues to make sharing easier

Swayy gives us yet another great way to share.
Swayy gives us yet another great way to share.
courtesy of Swayy

Earlier this week Swayy released their new sharing extension for Chrome. The new tool works similar to that of other sharing extensions, but as with their dashboard, Swayy makes it easier.

If you're a Swayy user, then you already know how useful their dashboard is for finding and sharing content. If you're not familiar with the tool then you are certainly missing out.

Swayy's sharing dashboard is one of the best. Finding enough content to keep those hungry social channels satisfied is a problem that no other sharing tool has been able to solve.

There are tons of tools to share content, but very few even try to help you find that content. The ones that do try, always seem to fall a little short.

Swayy solved this issue long ago, but if you found something cool while surfing, you had to use another option to schedule and share it.

Despite Swayy's unique dashboard and uncanny ability to find lots of great content, you couldn't add your own content, or the content you find outside the dashboard.

Well, that is no longer an issue.

Swayy's new Chrome extension allows you to quickly add anything you find while surfing the web. You can easily go to your own blog and schedule your content to go out as far ahead as you like.

This is definitely a game changer as far as sharing tools goes. You can expect to see the traditional sharing dashboards following Swayy's lead. If not, they will surely become irrelevant and fade away.

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