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'Swatting' hoax on Long Island terrifies mother: 'Call of Duty' game revenge?

A "swatting" hoax sends dozens of cops and the SWAT team to a reported murder scene on Long Island. This “Call of Duty” video game hoax between two gamers could have gotten someone killed, according to Fox News on April 23.

Long Island swatting hoax could have gotten someone killed. Police are looking into this hoax as revenge for losing "Call of Duty" video game.
YouTube/ Fox News

When the dozens of law enforcement officers descended upon this Long Beach, Long Island home, they were ready for the gruesome murder scene they were led to believe was waiting for them. Instead they found a woman who became terrified at this raid and she didn’t have a clue as to what they were talking about.

When the authorities arrived, the teenage son of this terrified woman continued to play a video game. He was oblivious to what was going on around him as the ear buds he was wearing shut out any external sound.

Police explained to the mother that they received a call from a man who said he had just killed his mother and brother with a gun. Authorities quickly realized they just experienced what has become a nationwide problem. They were used as part of a hoax called "swatting."

Law Enforcement was going through the computer of the teen to see who his last opponent was. They are looking into the last opponent he played possibly being the perpetrator of this "swatting" hoax.

CBS News reports that the police surrounded a home on Lauralton Boulevard at about 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. From the neighbor's point of view this would have looked like a full-blown law enforcement crisis event with the SWAT team in full gear.

The teenager was playing “Call of Duty” and this hoax came about not too long after Rafael Castillo had “killed” an opponent in the game. This "swatting" hoax was thought to be revenge from the person who lost this game. Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tangney said:

"When people playing a video game, if they lose they call the police and mimic the person that they lost to and say that they've killed family members and then they see how many people they can get to come down there."

A rash of these “swatting” took place in Hollywood last year. The Huffington Post reports that the A-list stars were the “fashionable targets in the 911 hoax calls,” back in an article from 2013. The reason the hoax is called "swatting" is because these calls bring out the SWAT team.

These "swatting" calls went out to a bunch of celebrities including; Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher and Chris Brown, just to name a few. These celebrity homes were surrounded by the SWAT team in this dangerous joke that can get the perpetrator in a lot of hot water with the law.

A similar "swatting" hoax recently played out in Connecticut, as seen on the video above. This hoax, which was once thought to be a celebrity problem, is spreading nationwide with just average people now falling prey to this dangerous game. "Fox News" live on Wednesday morning reports the Long Island mom has taken the video game away from her son.

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