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Swastika attack: Ore. teens retaliate against bully, carve Swastika in forehead

A “Swastika attack,” led by four Oregon teenagers, has left a 16-year-old victim beaten and with a Swastika carved into his forehead, reports NBC News on Saturday. The four teens – ages 14, 15 and 17 – now face kidnapping and assault charges after they lured the boy, allegedly a school bully, into a shed and tortured him.
An attack on 16-year-old Ore. teenager Dustyn Murrain left him with this Swastika scar carved into his forehead.

The teens plotted the swastika attack on Dustyn Murrain, reportedly styling their assault after a similar scene from the 2009 World War II movie Inglourious Bastards.

Jenna Montgomery, 15, Jess Taylor, 17, Blue Kalmbach, 15 and an unnamed 14-year-old boy all planned the February 10 act of retaliation against Murrain, who the teens say was a known high school bully and deserved the treatment he received.

Montgomery reportedly baited Murrain in coming to a home in Southeast Portland, under the guise of promised drugs and sex, and then led him to a shed where he was hit over the head with a crowbar by Kalmbach. In the gruesome attack, the teens then made Murrain remove his clothes, shot the victim in the chest, hand and groin with a BB gun and used a box cutter to carve a Swastika into his forehead. They also forced Murrain to eat cat feces.

All except the 14 year-old will be prosecuted as adults. The attackers remain jailed with a $3 million bail bond each.

“Mr. Taylor stated that he helped formulate the plan to torture (the victim),” Multnomah County assistant district attorney Chris Ramras said. “He assisted by writing down several ideas.”

The attackers stole Murrain's iPod and demanded that he go to a nearby ATM and withdraw cash for them. When the victim was let loose, he fled to an auto service shop and police were called.

John Bier, the principal of David Douglas High School where all five students are based, said on Friday that the attackers and their victim were “only vaguely involved” in school and all had “spotty attendance records.” One of the attackers attended an alternative school nearby because of his continued truancy and behavioral problems.

“They had basically chosen not to attend,” Bier said. “We were trying to reel them back in, but they were really not having it. Bier added that the attack "reaches a level that's disturbing. Our staff, our students are shocked. They're appalled."

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