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One of the perks of having friends is swapping clothes and a bonus if they wear your same shoe or dress size! I've been to swapping parties and have invited girl friends over when I do a closet purge. It's fun to go shopping in someone else's closet and get a new look for free...but wouldn't it be awesome if there was a source online where you can do the exact same thing?

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Lo and behold there is! is a unique website where you can build communities with friends online and swap clothes and accessories; the only thing you pay for is shipping.

Signing up is free and easy; I personally used my facebook sign in since it was an option when creating your account. Once you have set up your profile it's then time to begin your first swap. Starting a swap is a pretty simple 4 step process. Just take a picture of the item then fill in basic info (item name, category and description), more info (brand and key words), and packing information.

Once you have an item it's time to start swapping by starting a new swap and search for something you want to swap. After you have picked the items and offered your items Swapdom find's a swap and will notify you via email. At this point you will need to approve the swap, pay for shipping and prepare your item to be shipped.

Currently Swapdom uses UPS as the shipping provider and anyone in the US can join Swapdom (and easier if you have a facebook login) for free.

Swapdom is a new way to refresh your wardrobe; definitely check it out. After all everyone's closet needs a make over every once a while and this is an inexpensive way of doing so.