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Swank, driving with a spoonful of slick: Fritz Montana's 'Scaredy Cat'

Fritz Montana - Scaredy Cat
Fritz Montana - Scaredy Cat

Fritz Montana deals in attitude - make no bones about it. In the spirit of bands like The Black Keys, The White Stripes, and Cage the Elephant, Fritz Montana joins the retro-rocker race with bay area flair that doesn’t stop at “when.” The trio of David Marshall (Guitar/ Vocals), Kevin Logan (Bass), and Matthew Hagarty (Drums) throws together a 7-song effort on “Scaredy Cat.” The trio hits their mark with simplistically sick guitar riffs, driving basslines, and swanky rhythms to boot.

The album’s first single “Let You Down” sets the tone and ethos of Fritz Montana, with a funky, slick baseline, rough vocals and disco beats. “My Body Does it All” come straight at you with a bar-rock swagger with a Southern-fried twist, while the album’s title track begins with a taste of Strokes-esqe rock only to morph into something uniquely Fritz Montana. Consequently, the meat of the record hits hard, with the relentlessly raw “Feel It In My Bones” and the 70s-style funk number, “Bad Enough.” “Fever” plays the oddball of the album, with no lack of rhythmic panache, and The Killers feel of “A Long Way Out” closes the set, with an ever addicting, upbeat and classic chord structure, leaving an indelible mark on the listener.

Fritz Montana get out a solid second release showing a buff and polish that’s obligatory for any band who wants to stick around. They’re as good as any band out there doing what they do, and they don’t seem to care who’s watching. Bottom Line: The sh*t’s groovy, sort of swank,sort of slick. So put it up your pipe and smoke it, before Fritz Montana does it for you.