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Swan Studios' artist Marty Wisher creates school murals (Photos)

On June 16, 2014, artist Marty Wisher stated that she was chosen to create murals throughout a local high school, and now they are completed. Here she reveals her art in a mural (or a series of them) at East Lee County High School. Wisher is an artist and owner of Swan Studios, Inc. out of Cape Coral, Fla.

Marty Wisher's art
Marty Wisher, Photo: Courtesy
Wisher and mural at East Lee County High School
Marty Wisher and Stephanie Booker Hayes with mural at East Lee County High School, Photo: Courtesy

Swan Studios is a faux finish and mural company, and it was selected by the Lee County School District to create murals throughout East Lee County High School under a ROTC grant. Marty Wisher has been painting professionally in the Lee County area for over 20 years. Her company offers a range of faux finish treatments for walls, ceilings, columns, furniture and custom murals.

Marty, what is this project about?

"The concept for the project is to bring excitement and interest for the various academics and academies offered at ELCHS and to keep focus on the core ROTC Leadership values. And I think I have!"

Was there a purpose for the use of color and subject matter?

"Yes, the hallways of East Lee County High School now explode with color. Every academy offered through the school can now be easily spotted. It was such a delight to interact with the students and watch their excitement as the project progressed."

What was working on this project like?

"It was fun, and I expected it to be, but what I didn’t expect was how much I’d miss seeing the students after the project was finished. In fact, interactions with both faculty and students often spurred the mural ideas along the way."

What are some examples of your work and where were they placed in the school?

“The foreign language hallway now has a mural of a dozen National flags floating from a globe. The students would get so excited when their native flag was painted and everyone wanted theirs painted. I could have painted more, but it was time to move on to the Big Piece.

The 'Big Piece' is the crescendo of the mural project. It is a wrap mural in the school center that starts eight feet off the ground and is over 130 feet wide. The mural is a collage of the school’s academies and the U.S. military branches. It includes soldiers, jaguars, doctors, welders, and even an Apache helicopter just to name a few of its contents. The center focal point is a waving American flag flanked by the Bald Eagle and a larger than life sword salute. Many of the faces painted in the mural are modeled after the students."

According to Marty Wisher, the full mural is one of a kind.

"There is nothing like this in the area, or in the state!"

Enjoy a combination and variety of Wisher's art, including her latest murals in slideshow. One can reach Marty Wisher at CONTACT.

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