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‘Swamp People’ starts alligator meat eating trend? Viewers want a taste

Alligator meat popular to eat again? Thank Swamp People
Alligator meat popular to eat again? Thank Swamp People
Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

History Channel’s “Swamp People” is getting the credit for people wanting to take a big bite of alligator meat. The delicacy of eating alligator has never been mainstream before, but it appears this idea might be changing as fans are intrigued by the reality show on television. According to The Times and Democrat on Sunday the demand for alligator meat is on the rise thanks to the reality show.

So what does alligator taste like? Well, folks who have eaten the meat describe it similar to eating pork and it is supposed to have a somewhat chewy texture. While alligators are mostly sought after because of the skin, the majority of the meat comes from the tail. And with all the demand, it appears there is a run on the meat in South Carolina as well as other states in the South.

On “Swamp People” the cast focuses on a new gator season in Louisiana. Fans watch as this year the swamp is infested with bigger and meaner gators than ever before. With prices high, thanks to the interest in the meat and skins, the competition of hunters is out of control. The History Channel reality show follows the reality stars through a time of year that is crucial to their survival: the 30-day alligator hunting season.

It really is surprising to hear a show on a cable channel would influence a generation of eaters (especially since it is not a food channel,) but then again alligator has been eaten for generations. With the interest from people once again, it might be seen at popular upscale restaurants too.

So would you eat alligator meat? Most fans who watch the History channel’s show “Swamp People” would probably would give it a taste. It would be good to see why there is so much interest and try to understand why this meat has become a delicacy.