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'Swamp People': RJ and Jay Paul Molinere are coming back Monday

Are you wondering why RJ and Jay Paul Molinere have been replaced on "Swamp People?"
Are you wondering why RJ and Jay Paul Molinere have been replaced on "Swamp People?"
From Facebook

The Swamp People on History Channel Facebook Page announced Wednesday that RJ and Jay Paul Molinere are coming back to "Swamp People" on Monday. They posted a very short video of Jay Paul making the announcement, and they captioned the post, "You asked, we listened." Already the post has 7,685 "likes" already.

The father and son Molinere team have been conspicuously missing from most of the new season of "Swamp People," after appearing in several early episodes. Fans have been bombarding the History Channel with questions about their whereabouts. Few answers have been posted, still yet, but there is great celebration about their upcoming return. There have been a few new faces this season that really just have not been that interesting.

Where have RJ and Jay Paul, Houma Indian alligator hunters, been? Their absence from the show has probably been related to their arrest on August 9 for assault and battery of a young man at a convenience market. While the two popular men have maintained their innocence, they were accused of using a beer bottle to beat up a 24-year-old man. According to the Cajun, they plead not guilty at their Oct. 18 hearing, and a Jan. 19 trial date was set. There has been no information available online about the outcome of the trial or whether a postponement or plea bargain was done.

The network may be taking a chance that the Molinere duo will be found not guilty of the charges. RJ and Jay Paul have presented a spiritual, family-oriented image up until this point. They are not the first “Swamp People” celebrities to be arrested: Joe and Tommy were another very popular team of alligator hunters, although they were step-father and son. Joe was arrested on domestic violence charges regarding an incident with a girlfriend, and this put an end to their role on the show.