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'Swamp People' mainstay Troy Landry considers retiring as 'King of the Swamp'

Troy Landry: No longer 'King of the Swamp'?
Photo by Angela Weiss

The Season Finale of History Channel hit “Swamp People” focused a lot of attention on Troy Landry and his decision to retire. His sons Chase and Jacob were given the task of closing out the gator season, filling 14 tags on the last day. Troy and his son Brandon took five tags and spent a leisurely day filling them and making memories for the life-long gator hunter--well, as “leisurely” a day as one can have while hunting alligators, anyway.

The idea that Troy Landry would retire was kind of an incredible one to begin with; it was easy to see that no matter how many decades the man has been the “King of the Swamp,” he still loves his job. He’s not tired, not burned out, and certainly does not seem physically impaired. Why retire when you love what you are doing and can still do it well? And, when he started rambling on to Brandon about how beautiful his “office” is, fans had to know that there was no way Troy Landry was going away voluntarily.

Chase and Jacob did a great job of filling those last 14 tags. They went to a new hunting ground, which was risky. In fact, Troy was not for the idea, telling them that the last day of hunting was not the day to be going off and trying out new hunting theories. But, Chase was determined that it was the place for them to be--and boy was he right! “Gator heaven” was what the two found, with gators literally popping up every few feet. Filling the tags was just a matter of choosing which ones they wanted and then getting them into the boat, which was a good thing: It took them so long to just get to the new hunting ground, they did not have time to actually set lines--or to move onto other grounds if they found empty waters. The tag-out gator was a big one--over 12 feet. And, needless to say, Dad was proud of his boys, and knew he could trust them with the business once he did retire. But, not surprisingly, by the end of the day, he had decided that there was just no way he could walk away from the career he so loves--and that he is so good at!

“Swamp People” fans were no doubt glad to hear this; after all, what would the show be without Troy Landry, King of the Swamp? Congratulations, Troy Landry, on your un-retirement (short as the potential handing over of the reigns was); “Swamp People” just would not be the same show without you!

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