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'Swamp People': Is that show still on?

Does 'Swamp People' still come on?
Does 'Swamp People' still come on?
Photo by Andrew H. Walker

"Swamp People" Season 5 Episode 2 aired Feb. 10 on History Channel, and it was actually exciting and fun again. After a couple of extremely successful seasons, the show had been so disappointing that most people didn't even know it was still on the air. It seemed, however, that some of the magic returned in the recent episode as the show returned to a focus on the familiar alligator hunters that viewers loved.

The show's reinvigoration followed a long period of time where viewers might only see a familiar face in a few segments of the show with interesting and popular alligator hunters being replaced by lack-luster personalities. It seemed that when a character or team became engaging, you would see less and less of them.

At the height of the show's popularity, Troy Landry, veteran alligator hunter, and his hired gun Elizabeth were a crowd-pleasing favorite. "Choot 'em, Elizabeth," became a popular saying among "Swamp People" fans. While the two are not hunting together, they have both been featured prominently in the past few seasons.

One thing noticeable in this episode was that Troy seemed to be passing the baton to his son, Jacob Landry. Jacob started out as a very quiet character in the background in the early episodes, and he has morphed into a prominent position on the reality show in his own right. Troy is still on the water, but this time he had a younger relative as his deckhand who had much to learn.

Junior Edwards and Willie are back, and the show filmed some scenes in their cozy home again. These are some of the most interesting and colorful people on the show, and they can be extremely funny without meaning to be.

R.J. and J. Paul Molinere were seen flying around in a helicopter scouting for alligators in unexplored territory. They ended up taking an airboat into this remote area and enjoying some quiet camping time together.

In case someone asks, yes, "Swamp People" is still on the air.

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