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'Swamp People' is looking more like its old self

Troy Landry is the foundation of "Swamp People."
Photo by Andrew H. Walker

"Swamp People" is looking more like its old self every week, and the March 24 episode was full of what fans want: the old, familiar faces. A lot of former "Swamp People" fans are not even aware the show is still on, but they would be pleasantly surprised if they gave it another chance.

Everything that worked for the show in the early seasons changed at some point, and people just lost interest. All the characters they had grown to love were either gone or just scarcely featured. There were new characters appearing in almost every show, and they were so indistinct that it was hard to even differentiate between them.

The show seems to be returning to its original flavor. Troy Landry and his family are featured prominently again. R.J. and J. Paul, Junior and Willie, “Shoot it” Elizabeth and her daughter, and those Texans who are somewhat tolerable all have made recent appearances. The March 24 show featured Troy working with his younger brother Guy, and that was fairly enjoyable.

The storyline has developed between the Landry brothers and between Elizabeth and her daughter Jessica and this deepens the focus on the “way of life” that is handed down in the Swamp. Viewers who became bored with the lackluster characters last season should definitely give “Swamp People” another try.

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