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'Swamp People' clicks again, Tyler retires and the Molineres return

"Swamp People" aired another new episode on Monday night entitled, "Metalhead." The name came from a huge alligator that one of the teams was trying to get, and it just refused to die! They would shoot it, and it would keep swimming, so thus its name. The main thing about the latest episode is that finally the show is clicking again. It was very interesting, and the alligator hunters were engaging. Thankfully, as promised, RJ and Jay Paul Molinere were back on the water in their familiar airboat. Nothing was really said about where they have been, but the network did post on Facebook that they had been listening to the fans. The father and son duo had experienced some legal problems that may have caused their hiatus from the show.

"Swamp People" was really interesting Monday night---no, really!
Photo by Andrew H. Walker

Sadly, the season will be over with next week’s season finale. It was very enjoyable, again, and hopefully they will keep the momentum going next season. It is surprising how many people did not realize the show was still on. Lots of viewers enjoyed the repartee between Elizabeth and Troy. It has never been clear why they separated them. Then, the constant influx of new, not-too-memorable characters and the sudden exodus of familiar favorites put people off the show, too.This season has been much better, overall. With the exception of a few episodes that got a bit boring when the Molineres were gone.

This episode was a bit sad because they spent a lot of time on the fact that Bruce’s alligator-licking dog, Tyler, would not be on the boat anymore. He is now too old and arthritic to spend the long, hard days in the hot sun. They even had a party for him. At the end of the sow, there was a “memorial” to Tyler; he had died since the filming. It was very sad, and it kind of put a pall on the episode. (Did you know that Tyler has a Facebook page dedicated to him?) At least now, we won’t have to worry about him getting eaten by an alligator or getting lost, which was the worst episode of the entire five seasons. Good-bye, Tyler.

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