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Swallow the red pill or the blue bill?

Which pill?
Which pill?

In the movie The Matrix the lead character Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, is given an option to learn what the Matrix is. He is given the choice in the form of a red pill and a blue pill. The red pill will answer the question "What is the Matrix?" The blue pill allows Neo the option to go back to the way things are without the knowledge of "the real world." In other words, he has the chance to live in an artificially constructed world (an illusion) or to learn the truth.

We face this choice every day. Our culture has defined success in material terms and is geared to the constant attainment and pursuit of "stuff." Houses are built with ever larger closets and garages. Storage businesses are springing up everywhere. I personally know someone who has over 200 pair of shoes. She spends 15 minutes every morning deciding what pair goes best with her outfit.

While pursuing and possessing material wealth is not wrong, it will never bring true happiness, fulfillment, purpose, or love. Solomon learned this lesson the hard way. He was perhaps the wealthiest man to ever have lived. He tried everything, did everything, owned everything, and yet after all this he was in complete despair. Here is what he said about the pursuit of material wealth:

"Whoever loves money never has money enough;
whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income.
This too is meaningless." — Ecclesiastes 5:10

There is another way. Swallowing the red pill illuminates another world . In Matthew 6:33 Jesus said, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” We are promised that God will take care of our material needs if we but only seek Him first. What's more we will achieve true love, happiness, fulfillment, and purpose along the way.

A good way to start the process of seeking Him first is to read the bible daily and ask this question every day: "How can I serve Jesus today?" Serving Jesus does not necessarily mean going on a missionary trip or going into the ministry. Each person is given talents and we're meant to serve through those talents. Imagine what Jesus would do with the task at hand and do it as He would. It's really that simple. His light will shine through those actions.

The question often arises as to the best approach to reading the bible. A good reading program is to read a chapter of Proverbs daily and read the New Testament through starting at Mathew. Read every day consistently and a wonderful habit will take over.

The choice is before us. Which pill will you choose?


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