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SVVSD brings salad bars into every school

Q: Why did the tomato blush?
A: Because, it saw the salad dressing!

No joke, this year SVVSD is working on packing extra produce into back-to-school fun! Nutrition Services Director Shelly Allen and her team are devoted to providing quality, nutritious, and well balanced meals supporting our amazing students and their growing bodies and minds. As part of this commitment, the district has been assiduously working to bring salad bars into every school. This summer, the remaining 16 salad bars were ordered!

Super size? In SVVSD, it's more like super salad! "Special thanks to Niwot Elementary, Longmont Estates, and Alpine Elementary PTOs in contributing the dollars for their salad bars at their schools," Allen says. We'd like to echo that sentiment, and also share three cheers for Allen and her staff for their tireless efforts promoting health and wellness in our schools!

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