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Suzuki Swift delayed intro in USA

Suzuki Swift
Suzuki Swift
Source: Suzuki

Small cars continue their assault on the U.S. market with consumers clamoring for hot new models like the Ford Fiesta.  One of the more eagerly anticipated models is the return of the Suzuki Swift.  The spunky compact was scheduled to arrive this fall, but now Automotive News is reporting in its Monday edition that Suzuki is taking more time to think about it.  It is not an engineering issue, most of the work to make the Swift comply with U.S. safety and emissions standards are already done.  Rather, the issue at hand is twofold:  The rise of the yen against the dollar and the recent Volkswagen acquisition of 20 percent of Suzuki.

It is unfortunate timing for Suzuki.  The Swift would help give the company's ailing U.S. marketing arm a much needed boost.  Sales are off 48 percent this year in spite of the critically acclaimed Suzuki Kizashi sedan  According to the Automotive News report, the Suzuki Swift is now expected to go on sale in 2011.

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  • AladdinSane 4 years ago

    From the way things are going for Suzuki here in the United States, with poor sales and a worse dealer network, it appears that this automaker is doomed to disappear from the marketplace sooner rather that later. That may be the actual reason why the intro of the Swift has been delayed. That's unfortunate, because I feel the Suzuki brand has much to offer vehicle-wise.

  • Profile picture of Michael Sheena
    Michael Sheena 4 years ago


    It is a shame what is currently going on w/ Suzuki here in the USA. However, I look at so many brands that were finally "getting it right" only to meet their demise. A shrinking dealer network is not going to do them any favors. Hope they don't go the way of Isuzu, but who knows what VW is plotting.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    what a shame that vw has to screw up a good thing for suzuki!
    I also feel that suzuki has great cars here in america, good dependable car, priced right,
    not overrated or overpriced like vw and mini! now we know why vw delayed this greed, vw should be ashamed!

  • Profile picture of Michael Sheena
    Michael Sheena 4 years ago

    Well, things were already going badly prior to VW stepping in, but regardless this delay is not helping. Let see them get the new vehicles and a marketing budget to tout them!