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Suzanne Basso death row: Louis 'Buddy' Musso's killer executed

Texas Department Of Corrections

NBC News is reporting today that a woman who tricked a mentally-impaired man to come to Texas under the guise of marriage was executed by lethal injection tonight. Suzanne Basso, 59, is an American woman who was on death row for the murder of her lover Louis Charles Musso aka Buddy Musso in 1998.

Details of the case

44 year-old Suzanne Basso met 59-year-old Louis Charles Musso at a church fair in 1998. According to court records, Louis Charles Musso immediately fell for Suzanne Basso and wanted to pursue a relationship with her. Police say, Louis Charles Musso packed his bags, said goodbye to all of his friends and headed off to start a new life in Texas with Suzanne Basso, according to New York Daily News.

Not long after he arrived, Suzanne Basso had her son and his friends beat and kill the elderly man then dumped his body on Galena Park road. Suzanne Basso later reported him missing.

Crime scene

Police investigators were dispatched to the area after a jogger reported seeing a dead body on Galena Park Road. An autopsy report revealed that Louis Charles Musso had been badly beaten. The bruises found on his body were consistent with a baseball bat and a belt.

The initial investigation led police investigators to the person who stood to gain $50,000 from a life insurance policy that had been taken out on Musso. That person was Suzanne Basso.

Basso was later charged with murder and given a death sentence.

2014: Today's update in the case of Suzanne Basso

Suzanne Basso was executed by lethal injection on February 5 in Texas. The time of death is listed as 6:26 p.m.

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