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SUV Owner arrested in Sparks

This is a thirty year old man that was arrested earlier today in Sparks for indecent exposure. He owned a 1996 Ford Explorer that was green over tan. This person was placed under surveillance by Sparks Police detectives earlier this morning before his arrest took place. In April of 2014, this person was asking girls for directions, and then asking them to come into his vehicle. In one instance, a twelve year old girl refused and he drove away. I am glad that none of these females got hurt.

The reason I am posting this article is that you need to keep an eye on your loved ones. Knowing that they're safe is an important thing. Educate your friends, daughters, sisters, aunts and anyone you can on these issues and let them know what they can do to defend themselves. There are classes being held to teach women about methods of self-defense and emphasize awareness on a high level, and make sure they take advantage of these opportunities.

If your kids have to walk home at night, make sure their streets and sidewalks are lit very well. When you choose a route, walk it with them for the first time to make sure they know where they are going. This way they not only see where they are going, but other people can be on the lookout in case something happens. The lives of your kids, sisters and any of your loved ones matter, and it is worth it to do all you can to help protect their lives and make them ready in case they have to be on defense and have a chance of getting away rather than being a victim.

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