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Sustainable reading in Houston is good for the environment and the pocketbook

Gloria's Green Bookshelf
Gloria's Green Bookshelf
Gloria Campos-Hensley

Houston bookworms concerned for the environment can do their part for the environment by practicing some sustainable reading habits. From buying new used books, swapping books to selling them back, the sustainable tips provided below are eco-friendly and easy to do. They are also money saving tips.

“New” Used Books
Houstonian bookworms tired of their old books can find “new” books in a variety of ways. They can find new books by book swapping with friends and family, at book swap meetings, purchasing used books at a library book sale (profits fund library success), checking out books from the library, online book swapping, garage sales, buying books at used book stores or at second hand shops. There is rarely a need to buy a brand new book with options like these.

Local used bookstores can be found in the phonebook or online through websites like yahoo, clicking on the LOCAL link, typing used books in the left blank text box and typing the zip code in the right blank text box.

To find local book swap groups, events or meetings in the Houston area Houstonians can search any Houston newspaper, ask librarians, or search online. A good place to start searching online is via allows individuals to find events happening in their local area. Last, but not least, Houstonians can start up their own book swap group or events if they wish.

Brand New Books
Some books must be bought new (college students understand this problem). When this happens Houstonians have the option of writing letters to the authors and publishers asking them to opt for more eco-friendly printing and publishing alternatives. Houstonians can also log on to and offset the negative environmental impact from their brand new book purchase by donating a dollar for a book. Every dollar donated is used to plant a tree. For more information about this organization visit

Sell, Swap or Donate
Instead of placing a new used book on a bookshelf after reading it Houstonians can sell the book back, make another swap for a new used book or simply donate the book to a local charity.