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Sustainability: Packaged

As a college student, I find I am continuously trying to force sustainability into my 'on the go' lifestyle. I had a discussion with a friend the other day regarding food. Prepackaged meals, single serving fruits, mircowavable dinners are not sustainable (even if you are coupling them with a drink from your SIGG water bottle) yet, as a perpetually moving (and not particularly deft cook) how do I chose between my seven servings of fruits and veggies and eating sustainability? What is the environmental perspective on this decision?

The obvious answer is to take the time to cook, or to prepare everything on the weekend, but with four girls sharing a fridge, shopping or cooking in bulk isn't an option. Given the choice between eating out every meal, eating single serving meals, or sticking to a bread and water diet, which has smallest ecological impact? As a wonderful rationalizer, I've decided that convenience keeps me fueled, and with a full stomach I am able to crusade another day for the green cause. This isn't to say that we shouldn't be mindful--pick tupperware rather than plastic bags, stick everything in a reusable lunch box, and recycle materials whenever possible.

The second area that I have felt the impact is in environmental decision making. Too often, I find that people are paralyzed by making the 'most right' solution that they never make a solution at all... I am a firm believer in the 80% solution--if you're going to get it 80% more right that you were before, go for it! 


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