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Suspected terrorist pleads not guilty, recap highlights for month of June

Here a family awaits with a policeman after one of their own is shot. Whether in Chicago or Washington, D.C. police shootings are a  regular occurence in urban neighborhoods.
Here a family awaits with a policeman after one of their own is shot. Whether in Chicago or Washington, D.C. police shootings are a regular occurence in urban neighborhoods.

Libyan terrorist Ahmed Abu Khattala, who looked much different than the picture shown of him on national television, was at a district court hearing on July 2 held in Washington, D.C. Now gray-haired, the New York Times reported the results of that hearing –

In her ruling, Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson sided with the Justice Department, which argued that the suspect should be held until he faced trial because he continued to pose a threat.

The Justice Department contends that he has extremist views and has plotted attacks against the United States and Western interests in recent months.

More on this story is here.

News Recaps of Local Headlines in June

Widow of Ron Kirby attends rally on Capitol Hill. Anne Gray Haynes, the widow of Ronald Kirby who was gunned down in his home last November, joined a “Moms Rising” ( rally at Capitol Hill in early June to support the nominee President Obama selected for the Surgeon General position. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has stepped in blocking the nomination. Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy is the nominee and believes guns are a “public health problem” and limitations should be in place on who should purchase guns. More on the Haynes story in the video below.

Gallaudet University students have new security application. A new security tool came out in early June at Gallaudet University. The private college, located in Northeast Washington, D.C., is dedicated to students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The new application, called EmergeSee, can be downloaded on a Smartphone.

"EmergenSee is an excellent tool to help keep the Gallaudet campus community safe," said Theodore Baran, director of the Department of Public Safety. "As a university for deaf and hard of hearing students, empowering our community to communicate to dispatchers through live streaming video, photos, text messages, as well as audio directly from their smartphones is enormously beneficial and provides us with a multi-faceted approach to ensuring the safety of our campus."

More on this innovative project can be read here.

Catholic University coach loses life to save others. Killed by a truck in Kentucky while riding her bike for cancer, Jamie Roberts, 24, was participating in a cross-country mission in a 4K for Cancer fundraiser under the Ulmer Cancer Fund. The trek was from Baltimore, Md. to Portland, Ore.

More on Jamie Roberts from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. is below.

Young drowning victim found. Faith Janee Lee, 11, was found dead as a result of accidental drowning in the Wicomico River. According to Charles County police, she was taken to Baltimore. Md. at the medical examiner’s office. According to news sources Lee was missing since Friday, June 13 and found that Sunday.

More details on the tragedy is here:

Former police officer found guilty by jury. Johnny Riley, a former District Heights, Md. police officer, was found guilty on June 10 by a jury for shooting an unarmed handcuffed suspect. The scoop from Washington, D.C. station WJLA reported this –

It all happened in September of 2012 when Riley caught Kyle on a stolen motorcycle. Riley slapped Kyle in handcuffs took his shoes and locked him in his police cruiser. Somehow Kyle slipped out of the car. A witness to the shooting said Riley threw his baton at Kyle but missed. He then fired twice, missing Kyle the first time but hitting him the second. Kyle, still running barefoot and handcuffed, went down face first.

Calvin Kyle is paralyzed from the waist down. He sued and won a settlement. Riley’s sentencing is July 30.

Brittany Norwood wants a new trial. Brittany Norwood, the woman responsible for killing co-worker Jayna Murray which has been dubbed the “Lululemon Murder” in Bethesda, Md. in 2011, believes she should have a new trial. Though guilty by jury and sentenced to life in prison without parole, Norwood gives the below reasons why –

The former yoga store saleswoman turned murderer says she deserves a new trial because prosecutors relied on police interviews, during which she claims she was placed in a small room, given the impression she wasn't free to go, and wasn't read her Miranda rights.

More on this story can be viewed in the video.,...

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