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Suspected saboteurs striking Ukraine's government cyber systems

While the conflict between the Ukraine and Russia continues to garner global attention, a report from that region on Saturday claims a cyber attack was launched against Ukrainian government computer systems by cyber terrorists or saboteurs.

The Snake is a hacker's ultimate weapons against any nation's cyber system.
Getty Images/John Lund

According to police and security forces in Ukraine, suspected cyber-terrorists initiated attacks on systems and networks in order to deprive government agencies access to the Internet or data systems.

The Ukrainian Security and Defense Council revealed: “There was a massive DoS-attack on communication channels of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, which was apparently aimed at hindering a response to the challenges faced by our state. The Ukrainian state-run news agency, Ukrinform, has also suffered a similar attack.”

Some Internet and telecommunications networks were also attacked following the seizure of airfields and key military installations in Crimea, officials said.

The security officials in Kiev have told the nation's ministries to enhance their protection measures in order to prevent their websites from being blocked or damaged. They also advised law enforcement agencies to investigate complaints and allegations of cyber attacks and arrest, if possible, suspected "hackers."

Ukrainian officials have claimed that it is very possible that an Internet weapon called "Snake" has been unleashed to infect and cripple Ukraine’s computer networks which would contribute to a government shutdown.

"Also known as Ouroboros, a giant and deadly serpent in Greek mythology, Snake is as powerful as the "virus" that disrupted Iran’s uranium enrichment program in 2010. The new weapon is suspected to have been developed in an area that encompasses Russia's main city, Moscow," according to Infowars.

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