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Suspected Norvirus hits passengers during Crown Princess California cruise

At least three dozen passengers aren't enjoying the ride aboard the Crown Princess as she sails along California coast due to Norovirus-like symptoms that struck yesterday April 7. According to Karen Candy, public relations executive for the Santa Clarita, California cruise line, about 37 people reported having such signs during yesterday's a stop-over in San Francisco.

Crown Princess
Patti Pietschmann

Cruise lines take it very serious when even one passenger comes down with symptoms resembling the dreaded disease, as this writer knows well having been through it once on the Royal Princess and being quarantined to my stateroom until the fever and symptoms abated. It's no fun and includes side effects such as vomiting, fever, severe stomach cramps and general feeling of malaise.

When a passenger informs the medical office of such symptoms, a hazmat team is sent to their cabin to scrub it down and disinfect it to keep the virus from spreading, which it does if not controlled.

The Crown Princess is on making a seven-day California cruise from Los Angeles on Saturday to anta Barbara.

Watch video to learn more about nasty Norovirus.

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