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Suspected illegal’s stash house discovered with 100 people

A suspected illegal’s stash house was discovered just outside of Houston, Texas. Inside the house, law enforcement authorities found more than 100 people who are presumed to be in the United States illegally.

Over 100 people found in a Houston illegal's stash house.

The alleged stash house was discovered while law enforcement authorities were searching for a missing woman and her two children. Relatives reported the woman, 24, her daughter, 7, and her son, 5, when a man failed to meet up with them at an undisclosed location.

Houston Police Department spokesman John Cannon revealed that many of the people in the house were a part of a human smuggling operation. Those people were dressed in undergarments and sitting in disgusting conditions.

Cannon went on to state that as police opened the front door, they found “a large, large group of people, some sitting on top on one another, very confined spaces. They yell out the woman’s name to see if she is in there, and she emerges with the two children. They’re okay.”

The small single family home was only 1,500 square feet and located in southern Harris County. Officers discovered 94 men, all in their undergarments and 15 additional women. They were all lying “in filth in several small rooms, all with access to one bathroom and no hot water.”

Authorities were able to determine after speaking with the women that most of them had been in the house for only three or four days. However; one woman claims to have been there as long as 15 days.

Cannon said, “It was just filth, very squalid-like conditions inside. Trash bags with clothing piled as high as you can see. They were very surprised at the numbers of people inside.”

“Some were just sitting on top of one another because there was just no room.” Five men in the house have been arrested.

U.S. Immigration and Customs spokesman Greg Palmore said, “Houston is significant for the highway corridors that make up Houston, I-45, and I-10. With those two traffic corridors you can pan out anywhere in the United States and it’s very easy to assimilate into the communities here.”

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