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Suspect found with Hoffman's cell number

Philip Seymour Hoffman: suspect has Hoffman's number
Photo courtesy of ClarionLedger

Officials released today, Feb.5 that one of the suspects that was arrested January 4 in a house raid had Hoffman's cell number in his phone. Police were tipped off about Hoffman being seen in a Lower Manhattan apartment building Sunday night. The cops then raided two apartments and arrested four suspects Tuesday that may have been in connection with Hoffman's heroin overdose.

Police found heroin packets in the apartments with the spades symbol on them resembling the ones left in Hoffman's home Sunday night. 350 packets were among the apartment when the 46 year old actor was found dead with a needle in his arm. Right now authorities are connecting the suspects with phone records that show Hoffman's cell number in the call list of at least one of the suspects. They believe that these are the dealers who supplied the actor with the heroin the night he passed.

Still there is no cause of death for the late actor, but the suspects are facing criminal charges.

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