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Suspect buried alive: Rape and murder suspect buried alive by irate villagers

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A suspect buried alive, was considered a deed of justice by 200 people who took the law into their own hands after a woman was raped and murdered in a Bolivian village. The suspect buried alive was first cornered at the dead woman's funeral, tied up and then taken along with the coffin containing the rape-murder victim to the cemetery, according to the BBC on June 7, 2013.

When police identified 17-year-old Santos Ramos as the possible rapist and murderer of the 35-year-old victim, the town's people cornered him at the funeral, tied him up and then took him to the burial. At the burial he was thrown into the grave and the coffin was put on top of Ramos. The suspect was then buried alive as they threw dirt on the coffin with the suspect underneath it until the grave was filled.

The town's folk even went as far as to block the roads so that law enforcement and prosecutors couldn't get there in time to save the suspect from being buried alive. The villagers took the law into their own hands. While police said that this 17-year-old boy was a suspect, it was never proven in a court of law.

This type of justice is not rare in the backwoods of this country. Lynching's are often carried out without law enforcement involvement due to police being so scarce in some parts.