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Sushi and Sake 101, A Love Affair

More and more of us are appreciating Sake with our Sushi. This fermented libation pairs so well with a multitude of foods but exceptionally well with the vast assortment of sushi that has become a staple in Asian restaurants everywhere. America is now the third largest importer of the intricately fermented beverage and as a nation we are finally acknowledging the complexity of the formidable liquid.

SUSHISAMBA in Coral Gables, Florida, is introducing neophytes and connoisseurs to a new initiative: Sushi & Sake 101. The two-hour interactive educational class will introduce guests to the history and traditions of sake and the art of sushi-making and trust me; it's a delicious learning experience.

The class consists of a two-part segment. The sake portion is led by an expert sake sommelier and includes five flights with an Q & A session. From aromatic to aged, to sparking, guests will be exposed to a diverse range of sake from new prefectures every month. Expect to taste sake that can be sweet and spicy or rich and round with a sweet caramel finish.

The second part of the class will have participants making their own sushi. Executive sushi Chef Yasuo Tujimori will explain the history and tradition of sushi, followed by a demonstration on the selection and preparation of raw fish. But wait...there's more. This is where it truly becomes interactive. Participants will be creating their own sushi rolls with seaweed paper, sticky rice, selection of tuna, salmon, julienned cut veggies, etc. and then expected to create their own individual sushi rolls with the help of Chef Tujimori. Guests also receive an informative sushi and sake booklet.

The classes are held at SUSHISAMBA Coral Gables on the last Tuesday of every month from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The two-hour fun classes are $85.00 per guest. Upcoming classes will take place on April 29, May 27, and June 24. Space is limited. For details call 305.448.4990 or visit Kampai!

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