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Susanne Atanus, unelectable GOP candidate, wins primary allegedly via Dems help

Susanne Atanus
Susanne Atanus
Huffington Post

Susanne Atanus is a Republican candidate who won the Republican nomination to challenge Rep. Jan Schakowsky – an extremely left-wing, Democratic politician – in Illinois’ 9th Congressional District in the Chicago area, according to a Huffington Post report on Wednesday, and Atanus allegedly won the primary on Tuesday with Schakowsky’s supporters' help - according to Patheos.

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What better way for an Illinois Democrat to get re-elected in the times of Obamacare than to have an unelectable candidate running against her. Word is that this is how this happened. Susanne Atanus of Niles is reportedly unelectable in the midterm elections due to her unpopular, extremely over-the-top beliefs which she asserts while basically clinging to her Bible.

For starters, Atanus – who received 54 percent of the vote on Tuesday over David Earl Williams III – believes that God dictates what happens weather-wise. She believes that tornadoes are punishments from God for the United States permitting marriage equality and abortion. Furthermore, she believes dementia and autism are also God’s punishments for society. No, this is not made up. She has actually made such statements to reporters of publications in the recent past.

Asserting that mental disorders and natural disasters are due to the advancements of legal abortions and gay rights, she has said, “God is angry. We are provoking Him with abortions and same-sex marriage and civil unions. Same-sex activity is going to increase AIDS. If it’s in our military, it will weaken our military. We need to respect God.”

Atanus’ comments have been condemned by leaders in the Republican Party, including Jack Dorgan – the Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party – and Adam Robinson – the Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party. While her victory in Tuesday’s primary election may seem impossible, it is less baffling when one considers that the alleged push for Atanus’ victory came from the person who will undoubtedly defeat her easily in November.

It is safe to assume that Atanus is not of the mindset that most Republicans would want to represent them in Congress. If Republicans actually voted for her, her over-the-top beliefs were likely not widely known by the voters. If Rep. Schakowski put her supporters up to voting for her in the primary so she would dodge a strong candidate in November, she ought to be considered unelectable, too.

The question is: How did Atanus end up on the ballot in the first place? It appears to be another horrendous case of Chicago (area) politics at its worst.

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