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Susan Sarandon takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: ‘Oh, my’

Monday, MSN­­­­­­ revealed that Susan Sarandon has admitted to a 1983 fling with David Bowie. According to the report, Susan Sarandon is accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge issued by Harry Styles and Sarandon challenged her ex-lover David Bowie to take the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Sarandon is sexy as ever
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Harry Styles recently took the challenge and passed the bucket to Susan Sarandon. Unlike Shia LaBeouf who was stoic both before and after the ice water hit him; Styles and Sarandon had visible reactions. In the video of Styles you can see him back up after the first of the icy stream hit his head. For Sarandon the experience appeared much different.

When positioning herself in the garden Sarandon joked: “This will be my shower for today, although I think someone should check and see how much golf courses are using for water.” The point of doing the challenge in the garden was so that the plants would be watered during the California drought. The political correctness of using the valuable resource of water was addressed with clever commentary by Sarandon.

In the video of Sarandon you hear her exclaim: “Oh, oh, oh my!” Sarandon had just a couple of seconds of shocked reaction appear on her face. She also was clever in placement of the bucket afterwards. Before the challenge Sarandon listed her nominations: “I'm going to challenge Melissa McCarthy, David Bowie, and George Saunders."

According to Monday’s InfoShop this viral challenge is not going to fade any time soon; although the challenge may have to evolve into the Polar Bear Club moniker as fall and winter approach. According to the report the challenge has currently “reached $70.2 million.”

All in all, the Ice Bucket Challenge is fun and Susan’s reaction is one of the reason fans are going to keep watching the celebrity version of these challenges.

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