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Susan Patton: 'Smarten up ladies'

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The author of "Marry Smart: Advice for Finding 'The One,' " a book available this March, tells college coeds reading the Wall Street Journal this Valentine's Day to find their mate while in college rather than focus solely on a successful career. Susan Patton, Princeton grad, raised the hackles of feminists last April in a letter in the Daily Princetonian saying those who focus on career before marriage are losing out in finding a good mate and having a successful marriage. In today's opinion piece, Patton advises all college women:

College is the best place to look for your mate. It is an environment teeming with like-minded, age-appropriate single men with whom you already share many things. You will never again have this concentration of exceptional men to choose from.

Surprisingly few good candidates for marriage are available once you have become successful in your career, says Patton. Marrying down in social or economic status will not work either, she advises. Furthermore, Patton advises not to date someone else in the office. It can be hazardous to one's career.

Dating at work can be hazardous

Nearly two of every five office workers date at work, says Careerbuilder in its 2014 office dating survey released Wednesday. Twenty percent of those dates involved someone who is currently married, according to survey respondents. The survey takers warns that seven percent resulted in someone having to give up their job.