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Susan Liddy's 'love-based marketing' to prevent burnout in female entrepreneurs

Susan Liddy describes herself as a “love based business coach” for women entrepreneurs who is on a mission to help create a better place for children by being the midwife towards coaching one million female professional coaches into financial independence.

If you need inspiration and ideas to help move your business forward in a LOVE-BASED way, then check out this new book from Susan Liddy.
Susan Liddy International

Liddy herself leads by example in her own coaching practice, Susan Liddy International, which is a 6-figure coaching company. In 2014, Susan Liddy International marks their 10th anniversary as heart-centered company whose sole focus is on cultivating emotional intelligence for its target audience: female coaches, trainers, and consultants.

Liddy celebrated the new year with the release of her new book, “Love-Based Marketing: Sell-Out, Cop-Out, Burn-Out Free Method to Attract Soul Mate Clients Into Your Coaching Business”, which trains entrepreneurs to grow their business from a new paradigm. Rather than be motivated by fear of not meeting their business goals, Liddy’s book focuses on expanding an enterprise by staying true to the heart of one’s mission to attract ideal clients.

The inspiration behind Liddy’s approach is explained in her blog post, “The Secret to Creating Empowering Goals”, where she writes on the importance of mission-driven goals. As Liddy explains, a truly empowering goal should be congruent with one’s personal values and beliefs. Otherwise, pursuing and achieving an incompatible goal will result in disempowering feelings.

A popular concept in business and coaching circles is that of the role of fear in shrinking one’s options and opportunities in life. The opposite of fear, according to popular authors such as Gabrielle Bernstein, is not courage but love. Love in this context is defined in the Agape sense which is Greek for love of humanity. That said, Liddy’s new book explores how goals inspired by fear of lack or possible loss, may not be as aligned with a person’s value system as much as goals from the heart are.

Liddy is offering a free e-copy of her book on her website at:

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