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Susan Kehoe wrote her first children's book about black bears

This is the front cover of Susan Kehoe's children's book.
Lucy Santos

Soon the summer is coming and children will have summer recess, but learning does not have to stop. Youngsters can learn so much by reading books this summer and the perfect book to read is, “The Adventures of two black bear cubs,” written by Susan Kehoe. This picture book, based on the true story of the life of black bear cubs, will spark children’s interest in black bears and includes 40 photos taken by the author. On your next camping trip, you can read this charming story to your children, and they will be fascinated.

“I wrote this book because I want to educate younger generations about black bears,” Kehoe said. “I want youngsters to learn how black bears live and what their life is about.”

Kehoe, who is an activist that fights hard to protect black bears in New Jersey, has spent 25 to 30 years photographing black bears in the forest. She has really captured some captivating moments in the lives of black bears. One of her favorite snapshots, included in her book, is a mother black bear sitting down and holding her cub in her arms.

“From reading my book, I hope children learn how cubs grow up and learn to live on their own,” Kehoe said. “All wildlife has feelings just like we do. Cubs like to play, are inquisitive and love their mother.”

For 10 years, Kehoe longed to write a book about black bears and now she has turned her dream into reality. Since she is a true activist, she will donate some of the profits from her book to the Bear Education Resource Group, so that they can continue to protect black bears. Since her book is so colorful and such a true account about the life of black bears, the San Francisco Zoo and the Bronx Zoo requested a copy of her work.

This is the advice that Kehoe gives to other aspiring authors: “You have to love what you do and not be forced to do it. Whatever your passion is in life, follow it.”

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