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Susan Boyle's inspiring inner beauty is bringing in movie offers


Susan Boyle AP

Ms. Boyle continues to charm everyone with her healthy attitude, positive disposition and charismatic beauty. If all of us incorporated her healthy attitude, we would not only be happier but also healthier. A positive attitude is essential to good health. I'm sure Susan Boyle would bring, charm, optimism and inspiring beauty to the big screen.

Award winning Colorado filmmaker Darla Rae has reached out to offer “Britain’s Got Talent” contestant Susan Boyle, a part in the feature film SECTION B.

Darla Rae, who runs Film-It Productions in Colorado, says “Susan Boyle’s real life story is exactly what the movie Section B is about - chasing your dream no matter what. And I understand her completely, because our stories are almost identical. I promised my ill mother who passed away that I wouldn’t give up my dream of making films. So at age 47 I wrote, directed, and produced my first feature film, The Goal. We went on to win awards, and now we’re getting ready to shoot Section B with some amazing talent.”

“When Susan stepped onto the stage and began to sing, tears welled up in my eyes. As I watched her, I felt a connection and realized she’d be perfect for one of the roles in Section B. We have an original song titled “Don’t Lose the Vision” that would be a perfect duet for Susan and her American counterpart, Queen Emily David from “America’s Got Talent”. Susan studied at Edinburgh Acting School in the early '90s but was forced to leave and care for her sick mother. I’d love to help her finally fulfill her dream of being an actress! We’ve even sent offers through the local Pub manager where Susan Boyle sings Karaoke. Hopefully our offer will reach her and you’ll see her on the silver screen soon.” says Rae

For more info: Colorado filmmaker Darla Rae


  • W 5 years ago

    I certainly hope Susan accepts Ms Rae's offer. That would be too cool!

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Ms. Boyle is a great inspiration and I think that her life story could be turned into a movie, hopefully well done and not just a quick production for quick buck.