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Susan Boyle’s family ruined by her fame? Siblings allegedly want her money

Susan Boyle sings like an angel, but it sounds like she is dealing with some serious family hell. The popular singer was on the “FOX New All-American New Year” show singing, but back at home she appears to be in the middle of a family feud. According to the UK Mirror on Saturday, the siblings of the celebrity are all arguing about her money.

Apparently Susan was not prepared for the pressures of hiring the family to help and the instant fame that brought in cash. Giving family members money for their endeavors and paying for projects, the star has tried desperately to help everyone out. Unfortunately, it has only caused problems as the family members have measured out exactly who Susan has helped and who she hasn’t.

Desperate to grab some of the cash, even in small quantities, some family members allegedly have a percentage they receive from every sale of an album. And now they want more money, causing some siblings to stop talking to Susan until she agrees to pay up on the perceived debts.

Fans have heard Boyle’s family complain before about Susan’s cash. For some reason the siblings feel they deserve of some of the serious change after she won “Britain’s Got Talent,” but Susan is the only one singing. Previously it was rumors of her brother threatening suicide if he didn’t get cash. Now, more of this drama surrounding the money grab is going on, but thankfully, there are a few less death threats being made.

Susan Boyle’s family should be jealous of the entertainer. She took a risk and sang before the world and beat all odds. Beating Asperger's to become a serious singing sensation, should be respected by the family. Boyle's family should encourage her success, not ride on its coattails.

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