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Susan B Anthony day

February 15 is Susan B Anthony day.

Susan B. Anthony day is celebrated on February 15. She lived as a public speaker to advocate the rights of women. She especially focused on the right to vote.

Anthony was born February 15, 1803-March 13, 1906. She lived in New York as a Quaker. She went to school in Philadelphia but her parents couldn't afford it for long.

Anthony never married and gave up her Quaker religion. She didn't like the hypocrisy in the ministers being against alcohol yet freely drinking it. She did like the Unitarian religion.

Voting was a strong right she strongly believed in. She spoke and wrote about it whenever she could. Anthony was also anti-abortion. She thought a woman killing her unborn child was the failure of education,society and the government.

Anthony broke the law by trying to vote. Her case went to a judge and he fined her $100. When she refused, she was released so the case wouldn't go to the Supreme Court.

The 19th amendment giving women the right to vote wasn't given until 1920. We can thank Anthony for pushing the issue as far as she did.

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